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Production facilities will soon be established at various locations in Germany, Austria and Switzerland, aiming to achieve an annual production of at least 1,000 megawatts.


Nowadays Volt & Watt manages the patents and the existing production facility and ensures the guaranteed interest of investor funds.

In the future, we will establish our own product development around the subject of renewable energies with further patents for new, environmentally friendly products, within the construction and industrial sector as well as in visionary architecture.

Our aim is to create innovative products with sustainable communication.

All German providers depend 100 % on China products.

As a result, 75% of the value added in investments in solar energy migrates to China and Taiwan.

The company Volt & Watt with its Antec technology is capable of procuring and carrying out all necessary resources and production processes within Germany, we can thus restore the independence of solar energy in Germany and Europe.

This will ensure that the value added by investments remains in Europe.

Now the time is right to invest in intelligent energy use.