Highest effectiveness, quality and aesthetic design.
That is the benchmark for all of our products.

Volt & Watt S.A. has numerous projects
in the field of electricity production and utilization.

  • Volt & Watt solar modules made of glass
  • Solar modules made of flexible materials
  • Solar modules in all imaginable sizes, shapes and colors< br/> (patented color technology)
  • Solar facades in standardized formats and as special designs with high aesthetic requirements
  • Solar roofs in standardized formats and as custom-made products
  • Solar balcony modules
  • Solar parking lots with integrated power supply for electric vehicles
  • Solar parks
  • Agro solar parks – with focus on
    biodiversity protection
  • Solar advertising boards –
    innovative, individual illuminated advertising for promotion
    purposes & energy generation
  • Solar noise barriers
  • Solar bike paths
  • Solar charging stations for electric bicycles with individual illuminated advertising
  • Special module system for use on airport grounds and in approach corridors
  • Vertical farming
  • Storage technology
  • Seawater desalination

Complete SOLAR CARPORT system for your parking area.
From planning to E-connection.

  • Fast amortization
  • High profitability
  • Land USE EFFICIENCY with integrated PV
  • Double use of already sealed areas
  • Sustainable energy generation
  • Contribution to climate protection & CO₂ neutrality
  • PV carport parking lot with lighting for more security
  • Solar parking with charging stations for electric vehicles
  • PV Carport provides shade and protection from rain,
    no overheating in summer
  • PV modules with high power, patented worldwide
    25 years warranty, ISO, TÜV & CE approved
  • Carport, patented system
    25 years warranty, ISO, TÜV & CE approved

Agricultural solar park, a win-win situation.

  • Colorful integration of the solar PV into the landscape
  • The flora and fauna, as well as the tree population remain Land use efficiency, i.e. the area is used twice
  • Better microclimate
  • Cultivation of fruits and vegetables in the shade of photovoltaic modules leads to an increased harvest by a factor of two to three compared to conventional agriculture
  • The shade of the photovoltaic modules led to cooler daytime temperatures and warmer nighttime temperatures than traditional open-air cultivation
  • Sustainability: very low environmental footprint

Land usage efficiency

Separate land use on 1 hectare of arable land:
100% potatoes or 100% solar power.

Mixed land use on 1 hectare of cropland:
186% land use efficiency
(103% potatoes + 83% solar power)

Open-space photovoltaic plants promote
biodiversity in flora and fauna, as a new study
commissioned by the German New Energy
Economy Association reveals.

Numerous rare species of plants and animals
settle underneath or next to these open
space plants.

According to researchers at the University of
Arizona, growing fruits and vegetables shaded
by PV modules leads to a harvest that is
increased by a factor of two to three compared
to conventional agriculture.

According to the scientists, the measurements
indicate that the shadow cast by the
modules has a positive effect on air temperature,
direct sunlight and water demand. „The
shade provided by the photovoltaic panels
resulted in cooler daytime and warmer nighttime
temperatures compared to traditional
outdoor cultivation“ the experts said.

The researchers discovered that the sun protection
and temperatures provided by the
Modules resulted in a better harvest for both
crops. „In fact, the total production of chiltepin
chilies under PV modules was three times
higher and the tomato production twice as


Source: Fraunhofer ISE